A Thrilling Story...


A ministry partner team, Javen and Caitlin Mirabella, obeyed His call to bring JESUS and the gospel to people who have never heard. Their story is amazing.
“We wanted to take the gospel to hidden, unreached people, declaring to them His Word and showing them JESUS. In prayer, God turned our hearts to Tanzania, Africa, where there are lots of hidden villages deep in the jungles and on the savannas. But there are few roads or maps to find them. So, we use Google Earth® to scan satellite images of jungles and remote areas. When we find a group of huts, the software gives us the global coordinates. We enter those coordinates into our handheld GPSunit.
“Roads will take us to the general area, but then the walking begins, carrying our supplies and projection equipment. We ask the Lord to help us choose the right paths, using our GPS for guidance. Because these villages are so remote, it’s often a battle to get there. Satan doesn’t want us to make it. But the harder the battle, the more extreme the location, the greater the rewards God has for the people.
“When we arrive at a village, we don’t know what will happen. These groups stay isolated for their own protection. They are suspicious of outsiders and have their own languages and dialects. But nearly all speak Swahili, the common trade language. We speak Swahili as well, so we ask to meet with the chief and say:
“‘We want to tell you about the God who created everything, the land, you, your people, your animals … and the stars above. This God loves you.’ We then tell them Bible stories, starting with Adam and Eve, Abraham and Isaac, and about the promised Messiah. They always want to hear more. Some of the villages sacrifice animals to appease the gods, the spirits. So, we tell them about God’s ultimate sacrifice for them.
“We also tell them how Jesus is the great healer, and pray for the people. In simple faith, they bring their sick to us. We lay our hands on their fevered bodies and pray. We can actually feel the fevers disappear as the Lord answers! They start saying, ‘The pain is gone, the pain is gone, I feel better!’ It’s very exciting.
“Other people hear of the miracles and start coming from surrounding villages. And they want to see the film JESUS, the story of the great healer. One night, we were about to show JESUS when a girl came into our camp with a request, ‘Would you come to my house? My mother is sick and hasn’t walked in six months. She needs help.’
“We hiked up the mountain, following the girl to their family hut. We were appalled by what we found. Her mother’s leg was incredibly swollen, three times normal size. A witch doctor had been using a dirty knife to cut the inside of her thigh and the bottom of her foot, to relieve the inflammation. Laying on just a dirt floor, this woman was in severe pain. She had abscesses on her leg and foot ... probably dangerous staph infections. Without medical help, she would eventually die. Then, prompted by the Holy Spirit, I asked her an unusual question, ‘If you could have anything, what would it be?’
“She surprised me greatly. She didn’t ask for healing as we all expected. Instead, she said she had heard the stories of Jesus and wanted to see the film about His life, JESUS. But the showing was a mile from her house, down the mountain, and she couldn’t even take a single step. So I asked, ‘If we can make it happen, would you go?’ ‘Yes, I will,’ she said. So, we put together a makeshift stretcher, just a large blanket. Being a large woman, six of us had to tag team, with four at a time holding up a corner, and two rotating out for relief. We carried her for over a mile, an intense hike down an uneven trail.
“We finally arrived and laid her down on the blanket, joining others who had come to watch JESUS. As the film played, they became caught up with the gospel, the story and His person. They heard His Word. When we gave the invitation, almost 100 percent of the crowd prayed to receive the Lord! As we prayed, people were being healed of all sorts of diseases. But not that woman.
“Again, led by the Lord, I turned to the people, these new believers, and said, ‘The power that raised Jesus from the dead is living inside you. You are now part of Jesus. You are His church.’ I pointed to the woman still lying on the blanket and said, ‘As His church, go now and pray for this woman.’ They gathered around her fevered body, her swollen leg, and began praying. As they did, she stood! She began to walk, and then dance … and dance … and dance … with joy. It was absolutely incredible, just like when Jesus walked the earth. We were all in tears … so wonderful. When it was time for her and her daughter to go back up the mountain, We offered her a walking stick, just in case. She replied, ‘Keep it. I don’t need it. I’ve been healed.’”
There is now a small church in this remote village. Javen and Caitlin, God has worked through your obedience and vision. He has brought healing and restoration to these people because of you. Well done and thanks for this wonderful report.

➤ Let me tell you about another film team working in India. A woman who followed their many, traditional gods was suffering from severe heart disease. Doctors gave her no hope. Day by day her condition deteriorated. She heard about JESUS and was able walk to the showing, but slowly. Describing her condition, the team said that “A cloud of death hung over her.”
Like the people in Tanzania who had never heard of Jesus, she too watched JESUS and was caught up by the story of the Son of God. She marveled as He healed the sick, bound up the broken hearted, and set the captives free. In faith, she asked Jesus to heal her. And He did. She announced to everyone that Jesus had restored her heart. The next day, a film team member came to visit. As he entered her home, the whole family was present. She testified to what Jesus had done for her, the same Jesus she had seen in the film.
Every person in her home believed, and was baptized. Word of the miracle spread throughout the village. Many others came to faith in Christ, publicly declaring their decision through baptism. A church was born!

➤ In another village of India, a film team was showing JESUS to a group of 40 people, most of whom likely had never heard the gospel. The film came to the story of the demon-possessed man living among the tombs at Gerasenes (Luke 8:26-39).
Jesus arrives on the shore of the village, having just calmed the storm on the sea of Galilee. The possessed man cries out, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I beg you, don’t torture me!” Responding to the Lord’s command, the demon says his name is Legion, for they are many. As the demons are cast out and go into the pigs, a girl in the crowd fell to the ground. She began writhing and crying out, just like the possessed man on the screen.
The team went to her and prayed. The name and authority of Jesus drove the spirit(s) out. Everyone saw it. The girl arose, believed and went with the film team to three other village showings of JESUS, declaring what He had done for her and that Jesus was the Son of God.
From partner teams like Javen and Caitlin, to staff film teams in India, our magnificent Lord is healing the sick, setting the captives free. He is delivering people from demonic bondage, as people watch JESUS.
These events and reports are the work of God’s Spirit, as He ministers through friends like you who stand with the film teams. In a very real sense, you are with the teams as they go to people who await hope, release and healing. Your partnership helps make these amazing moments possible!”
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