Articles on and about Islam

Which Gabriel do you trust?

Encountering Islam

Women in the Qur'an

Difference between Islam and  Christian Faith

Are Muslims Fideists?

Dear Muslim

Determining Truth in Islam

If I were a Muslim....

Invitation to convert

Truth and Islam

Did John the Apostle anticipate Mohammed?

Mohammed  versus the Prophets

Who is the Real Jesus? (part I)

Who is the Real Jesus? (part II)

Sami Reply

Salvation by faith alone

Some Answers to Bassam Zawadi's comments

Does God Deceive People? A reply to The Biblical God As a Deceiver  

by Bassam Zawadi

Another View of Islam  by a Christian who lived in Iran.

Some Paradoxes of Islam

Dr. Adel Elsaie’s Book, "History of Truth, The Truth about God and Religions"

This is an Internet book giving a basic view of Islam and its defense.  My review shows its distortions, errors, and false conclusions.

Islam--a Religion of Peace? or Muslims killing Muslim!

What is the basis for Islam?

Who can claim to be a prophet?

Khomeini’s evaluation of Islam

Wife Beating: Is there a better way?

What's So Bad About Child Brides?

Millions have suffered

Is There Jihad in the Old Testament?

A response to a Muslim's letter

Top Ten Misconceptions About Islam

Misconceptions about the misconceptions

What about Slavery in the Bible?

Is it really slavery?

What Happens When a Muslim learns he has been deceived?

Is There Honor in Honor Killings?

Islam and the Suffering of Women

A Muslim Polemic A book review

The Problem of Mohammed as an example for Muslims When does Sharia appear?

Who is God?