Healing From Cults

        There are a number of religious movements that sociologists call Cults.  These are groups that often claim some relationship with Christianity,  but  deviate at certain great issues.   There are some doctrines that all Christians  accept  as essential and  there are some doctrines that are not that consequential.  For example,   some Christians have strong views about the details of the return of Jesus.  However,  the Bible does not give us the details that many of these people believe.  It is of no great consequence.   However,  Christians  are united  in  believing that Jesus is  God in the flesh, he died on the cross, was resurrected, and all this was done for sinful mankind.  All Christians affirm the Trinity, although they may not be able to explain all the relationships of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, yet they all agree that this is a very  important teaching. What divides many Christians is not these central doctrines, but how  the church should be organized  and what is the meaning of the sacraments, or  religious  rites.
        The cults are different.  They may use Christian words  with totally different meanings denying many of the distinctively Christian beliefs..

        The following  sites will help to  understand some of the unorthodox  views of the groups descibed  as cults.  This is not an endorsement of each site.  Much valuable information can be gained but  it must always be judged in light of the Bible.

        This list  will have  many other  cults or groups that are not mentioned on this page.

It is helpful to begin with the general lists. They may direct you to  other sites.

Christian Apologetics and Research Center
Cults and other religions

Many Paths to One God? 

Jehovah Witnesses   .
  Let us Reason ministry

Christian Science 

   Former Christian Scientists  for Jesus
  Christian or Cult?

Differences between mormonism and Christianity.

Why we left Mormonism.


Answering Islam
Understanding Islam 
Islam: The Way, the Truth and the light? 


 New Age Ideology 
 The New Age Movement

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