Healing from Sexual Addiction

    It is estimated that roughly 30 million Americans become sexually addicted sometime in their lives.   This is broken down to include 8 per cent of adult men and 3 per cent of adult women will become sexually addicted.
    “The sex addict becomes hooked on the neurochemical response of the body during sexual behavior, which may include compulsive masturbation, anonymous sex, multiple partners, exhibitionism, voyeurism, viewing Internet pornography or crimes such as sexual abuse and rape.”
    The purpose of this article is to point up the issue as well as point to sources and ways that help in dealing with sexual addiction.    The resource for this article comes from a recent publication in Christianity Today by John W. Kennedy, “Help for the Sexually Desperate” (March 2008).
    There are many church goers, business men, professionals, apparently model husbands who are sex addicts.   In one group of men who recognized their problem and sought help were the following: 1) a real estate agent “caught by his wife look at Internet porn before a Sunday morning church service.”  2) a political consult who spent more than 3 years participating in mate-swapping on Saturday nights and regularly sitting in church on Sunday mornings.”  3) “a self-employed businessman discovered by his girlfriend carrying on an emotional relationship in cyberspace.”   4) “a building contractor who claims to have had sexual intercourse with more than 1000 women.”
       The sex addict is not the only person affected.   The spouse, often  the wife,  suffers in different ways.    We hope to have a series of testimonies  of spouses who have
been affected by  the addiction of their mates .   Click here to read the first testimony.

    Whatever rationalization one may give for getting caught up in sexual addition, the Internet has provided easy access to all kinds of porn.   “Viewing pornography is nearly always accompanied by masturbation. Swirling emotions surround the mood-altering experience. Some men never move past this state.  Addicts bring different beliefs into their views on pornography, based on their spiritual and familiar backgrounds.   It also depends on how much and what type of pornography is being consumed.  Progression will likely be quicker for someone who watches orgy films nightly than for someone looking at a soft-core porn magazine monthly.  If sex is the top “medicator” of an addict, progress is rapid.  The addict develops a tolerance for new behaviors if they bring temporary relief.”
    “Other progress rapidly to increasing exotic, perverse, and even illegal sexual behavior: exhibitionism, voyeurism, strip clubs, lap dances, massage parlors, adultery, prostitution, homosexual liaisons, rape, incest, bestiality, or child molestation–anything to feed the craving.”

    The first step in dealing sexual addition is to admit it, confess it to yourself.  The second step is to seek a group of men who have confessed the same to themselves.   The general opinion is that you cannot win this battle alone.  You need the help of others who are available to help at any time of the day or night.
    There are a number of organizations around the country offering help to sexual addicts.
You may be able to locate a group near you by calling one of these numbers.
    Faithful and True Ministries, Eden Prairie, Mn, Phone: 952-746-3882.   Website: Faithfulandtrueministries.com
    Heart to Heart Counseling Center, Colorado Springs, Phone: 719-278-3708.  Website: sexaddict.com

    Operation Integrity, Monarch Beach, CA. Phone:800-762-0430, Website: operationintegrity.org

    Pure Life Ministries, Dry Ridge, Ky.  Phone 888-PURELIFE,   Website: purelifeministries.org

    Pure Desire Ministries intl.  Gresham, OR.  Phone: 503-661-4444, Website: puredesire.org

    Pure Warrior Ministries, Valleyford, WA. Phone:509-590-8395, Website: purewarrior.org