The Healing  




A thrilling story

Who or What do you trust?

Sacred Rights of Women

  The Wonderful Gift of Forgiveness

FREE Books to download

 The Christian Faith,  by Dallas M. Roark
        ( A book you can download.)

Who is the Real Jesus? (part I)

Dietrich Bonhoeffer,   by Dallas M. Roark
        (a book you can download)

Introduction to Philosophy  by Dallas M. Roark
 (A book you can download)

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The Christian Faith   (Chinese)

(A book you can download)

The Christian Faith (Taiwan)

(A book you can download)

Chapel Speech

Why is God against sin?

God Talk

Is there a true religion?

Divorce in the Bible and Muslim culture

Pascal: On the true religion

Jesus is appearing to Muslims in visions and dreams.

Jesus is rejecting Islam!

What is Evil?  Part I

What is evil? Part  II

The Nearness of God

Who Owns Israel?

Muslim Anti-semitism

Why Do Muslims Hate the Jews?

Begin with the Qur'an...

Dear Aisha

Correspondence with Muslims

A reply to a Muslim lady

Why do Muslims hate Christians?

The basis for jihad

What is Christianity?

Science and Islam             

Free Bible Study Resources

  The God who Acts

He is no idol

Integrity of the Bible

The Patience of God

Why is the Old Testament God so hard on the Jews?

Wedding Greetings

What a wonderful gift is marriage

Articles by Elaine J. Roark

Death of a Christian Martyr

Killed because of his faith in Jesus

Do Muslim Women like Polygamy?

Guess what?  Most don't!!

Do Muslims have Real Respect for Jesus?

But Jesus is seeking them

Does God really care about you?

You bet your life!

What do most people want in life?

Really very simple but profound

Meditations from the Bible

Did Muhammed Exist?

Why raise this question?

How to Get to Heaven from wherever you are...
        Whether you are in China, Iran,  San Paulo, or Kokomo, there is only one way.... He said it...

Japanese Version

Other Articles about the faith

What has God done for me lately?
         What about the last breath you drew?

Why should I be interested in God?
         Why miss out knowing the greatest person in the cosmos?

Why did this happen to me?
        Has life dealt you a blow you can't deal with?

Is there a "right"  religion?
      How can we deal with counterclaims of religions?

Healing from Anger
        How do you react when someone cuts you off....anywhere?

Healing from Addiction
     Is something controlling you and you have no control over yourself?

Healing from Cultural Lies
        Evaluating the cultural lies of our times

Healing from Gambling
        Have you thrown it all away in hopes the "big  one?".

Healing from Divorce
        What shock, what grief,

Healing from Grief
         Does my nightmare ever end?

Healing from Sexual Addiction
         Are you one of 30 million men who have this problem?

Healing with Humor I
   Laughter is great medicine...

Healing with Humor II
        More laughter

Healing with Humor  III
         Still more jokes

Healing with Humor IV
          Laughter is good for the soul

Healing with humor V
      Start with a joke a day

Healing with humor  VI

        Had your chuckle for the day?

Healing with Humor VII

Newest collection of jokes

Healing with Humor VIII

Just posted

Healing with Humor  IX

A few more good ones.

Healing with Humor X


Healing from Cults
          Bad theology abounds in our world and people are mislead....

Healing from Depression

Healing from Homosexuality
         Some say there is no need for healing, but have you considered....

Healing for emptiness, purposelessness
           Don't give up on life, you can have purpose and joy

Healing from Loneliness
      Do you feel all alone even in a crowd?

Healing from Pornography
     Addicted to porn?   (under construction)

Healing from Post-Abortion Syndrome
     A solitary sorrow borne by millions....

Healing from post-modernism 
     Is there nothing wrong anymore?

Healing with Prayer
       Saying your prayers versus praying

Stories I love to tell 

Links to other useful sites.

Equality of Women

What is the Bible all about?

 If God is good, why is there evil?

A bird's view of the Great Story

Articles on and about Islam

 Does the Qur'an have a Revelation from God?

Journeys to faith in  Jesus

People sharing their stories of faith

Healing from losing a loved one by suicide.

The Martyrdom of Fatima

Is There Freedom in Islam?

 A reply to a Muslim critic

What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus

Nonie Darwish, "An Arab for Israel"

What does God say about the family?

The Tramp

The New Covenant and the Sacraments

Three Basic Decisions of Life

Three Female MD's  with great news

Worshipping God with our minds

A Tour Through the Qur'an

This is over 50 pages. I suggest downloading it and reading about 10 pages at a time.

Does God Love you?

Sure, He does

Harmony in Conflict

A book review concerning two cultures



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