Other Helpful Sites  (Always Under Construction)

Probe.org   Probe Ministries covers a variety of topics from current topics to family issues.

Gospelcom.net  A beginning place to search about 140 different ministries.

Answering Islam  A good source for information and answers about Islam.  Good testimonies of people who have come out of Islam.

Transworld Radio,  broadcasting the Gospel in many languages.

The JesusFilm Project,a mission project helping people to see and hear the  Gospel   story in their own language. Check it out.

International Mission Board    Information available for people interested in  mission  work throughout the world, as well as information about programs, missionaries,  and shortterm service opportunities.

ChristianAnswers.Net  A resource of information on a variety of topics of interest  to young  people, particularly,  as well as movie reviews.

Goshen Net An interdenominational site with Bible study, religious news,
          shareware,   greeting cards, and many other helps.

Write Your Congressman, A page helpful for writing your congress and state  legislatures.  It makes it easy to express your views.

Latest Net Hoaxes    and other useful stuff.

Jesus Cafe Ministries, A chat ministry designed to help people become Christians  and  to help Christians share their faith.

Deeper Still,  a helpful site for those going through grief.

Real Life Stories, Stories  of  people who have their lives changed by the  presence of Christ in their lives.

HopeNet, A great site for young people.

HollywoodJesus,popular culture from a spiritual point of view.  One of the most popular sites,  over 5 million hits.

Nick Junior,  a site for children featuring Blue's Clues, Little Bear, etc.

Keys Ministry,a site offering help to the homosexual community.

Leadership U.,  offering insight into problems of the academic community and Christian faith.

Concerned Christians,  Former Mormons reaching out to Mormons.

Christian Research Institute,    a resource for information about the Bible as well as
    information on various cults.

Promise Keepers,    A national men's group focusing on the man's role in the family.

Answers to some of life's questions,
    Why are we here, what makes life so hard....

FREE Bible Software from  E-Sword.net  
    Lots of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, and extras,  including The Christian Faith by Dallas M. Roark

A Christian Thinktank,   a good source for dealing with difficult questions.

Bible Sprout, an organization promoting Bible study.