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My Story, Masha,

My name is Masha and I was born and raised in a good family of intellectuals, living in the vilage in West Moldova. I have two older brothers and a twin sister My parents are teachers, and because during Soviet Union it was forbidden to go to church, we as a family basically didn't have any religious traditions.

All I knew about God was the Father's Prayer. I never read the Bible. Very often I was thinking about the meaning of my life: why do we live? is that all I see or is there anything else there? After high school I came to Chisinau, the capital city, and became a student. I knew I have a purpose in my life, but in fact I had not. And being alone in a big city, with indifferent people around me, it took me back to my questions about life.

One evening my sister and I were invited to a movie show "Between Heaven and Hell," which was shown in neighbor room of my dormitory. The film showed where people get after death depending on life they lived on earth, I have idetified myself as a person who lived a good, decent life and went ot hell. I was scared of the thought I'm going there. After the movie a young lady, staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, told me the Good News.

I entrusted my life to God that evening. At that moment my sister didn't believe it, she thought it is too easy. A month later, we were invited to a Campus Crusade evangelistic conference. At this conference my sister entrusted her life in the hands of God. We started to participate actively in all meetings organized for students: weekly meetings, Bible study group, prayer meetings, fun meetings,etc. It was so wonderful to know people which love God completely and have eternal values in their lives. During my study years, seeing how God uses me in the lives of other students, I heard the Lord's calling to dedicate my life to His work among students and to enlarge God's Kingdom. This is my thirteenth year as a full time worker on campus ministry.

For 3 years (2011-2014) I was in Ufa, Bashkortostan, a Muslim republic in Russia. I was a part of a team that New Life Moldova sent in Russia to reach students for Christ. I was sure God wanted first of all to grow me in faith and to help others to do the same thing through me. My Soviet Union background helped me in a way; I know Russian language without learning it.

Now in Ufa is a team of student volunteers that do what we started: sharing the Gospel and making disciples, even there are not missionaries with them. I believe God will continue to use them to reach their nation.

When I came back in Moldova, God was continuing to envision me for big goals to build spiritual movements, even I am in a small country like Moldova.

Now it is a challenge for me to serve God at the national level, raising next generation of staff who will lead teams to fulfill our vision from God--Spiritual Movements Everywhere!

I enjoy doing what God called me to do in my life.