Stories I love to tell

1.The Eight Cow Wife

2.The Bishop and the Barber

3.Facing Death and Life

4.Emile Cailliet Meets the Master

5.  The Buoyancy of Water

6.  A Child Facing Death

7. A Fish Out of Water

8. Take Time to....

9. The Coachman

10.Keeper of the Springs

11. The Discontent Lily

12. Man Over Board

13. The Rat Race

14. Enduring Charms

15. The Story of Omar

16.Then I Met Messiah

17. The Table Cloth

18. The King and the Commoner

19.  The Wild Goose

20. Gas Station Attendant

21. Who Knows What You might Do?

22. Butterfly Wings

23. I asked for...

24. Teacher Advice

25. From Parent to Child

26.  Buber's story of first aid soldier

27. A grain of snuff

28. Two Babies in the womb

29. A Hot Water Bottle?

30. Two Glasses of Wine