Why should I be interested in God?

     Probably the most obvious  reason to be interested in God is that He is the greatest person around.   I  visited a church once on the east coast  and  saw a woman there who was beautiful, gracious, and  charming.   I never met her, but I would like to have known her as a friend.   One could say  I was at a loss for not getting to know her.

     If God is the greatest person around, getting to know him is a huge plus, and ignoring him is a huge minus in our lives.   The Bible describes the story of God's creating the world and man the basic motivation of  expressing his love.   He made us for himself and we are restless until we rest in him.

     But all around me are people who are not interested in God.  Some don't want God because they think  God is not very much fun.  They think that if  they really believed  in God there are lots of things they could not do.   A  recent  writer  said that young people start to disbelieve in God  after their first  sexual experience.   God has high standards for us  and we don't want to live up to them.So rather than change our standards we say he doesn't exist or, we embrace such relativistic philosophy   as "there is no absolute right or wrong."

     When I  do something  unkind  to the  woman I love, my wife,  there is a break in our fellowship. She withdraws from me.  The closeness has been broken. A  sharp division has been drawn down  between us.   I  must  make amends, apologize, and  seek her forgiveness   for a restoration in our relationship.  The human race has been disobeying God for  centuries.  Because of this we are alienated from Him.   But the greatness of the story of Jesus  is that  He has bridged the gap of alienation from  and made a restoration of our relationship with God possible.

    God  took to himself human form in the person of Jesus, the Christ,  and walked the land of Israel,  healed the sick, raised the dead,  and  died on the cross for you and me.   His resurrection from  death  was  a vindication of who he was, "proved to be the son of God by the resurrection from the dead."(Rom.1:4)

    There are lots of arguments that theologians and philosophers have developed to indicate that God exists.   But you  can't  have a relationship with a conclusion.  You can only have a relationship with a Person.   Even if you accept all the arguments as true, they don't get you to God.  But  God can come to you and has.

    Soren Kierkegaard tells the story of a king who is mighty and every nation feared his wrath.  He had fallen in love with a commoner, but like all men he was anxious when he came to getting married.  The thought that entered his kingly mind was this:  "Would she be able to summon confidence enough never to remember that the king wished only to forget that he was a king and that she was a humble maiden?"  The king was anxious lest she reflect upon this and rob her of happiness.  If the marriage were unequal the beauty of their love would be lost.  A number of alternatives could be suggested to the king.
        First,  he could elevate the maiden to his side and forget the inequality. But there was always the possibility of the thought coming into her heart that after all she was a commoner and he was the king. Such a marriage could be consummated but love would never be on the basis of equality.  Second,  should someone suggest that the king could display his majesty, pomp and glory, she would fall down and worship him, to be humbled by the fact that so great a favor was being bestowed upon her.  To this the king would undoubtedly demand the execution of the person suggesting this as high treason against the beloved.  The king could not enter into a relationship such as this.   The kingly dilemma is solved in the third alternative: the king should descend and thereby give up his throne to become a commoner for the purpose of loving the maiden as an equal.


    The alternative for bringing the union of God and man is the same as for the King.

"Since we have found that the union could not be brought about by the elevation it must be attempted by the descent. In order that the union may be brought about God must become the equal of such a one and so he will appear in the lives of the humblest, for the humblest is one who must serve others.  God will therefore appear in the form of a servant."    This profound truth is expressed in the words of the Bible, "God was in Christ reconciling us to himself..."(2 Cor. 5:19)

     The event of God becoming human in Jesus the Christ  gives us a meaningful understanding of God as a person who loves, who seeks us,  who  does something for us.  God offers a living relationship with Himself.    He does not give us a religion apart from Himself. This person,  God in Christ Jesus, expressed his love for us  in creating us, purusing us to reconcile us to himself, and  seeks us that we may be in His presence forever. He is the greatest person around.
     If you are interested in finding out how you can have a relationship with Him,

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